Meribel's summer beauty for families and friends

June 29, 2024

Looking for a perfect summer family vacation? Discover Méribel, where stunning landscapes meet endless adventures. From the thrill of Sportkids programs to the enchantment of Méribel Aventure park, and the scenic Via Ferrata routes, there's something for everyone. Add cozy chalets and vibrant local festivals, and you've got an unforgettable family escape. Let's explore what awaits you in this Alpine paradise!

Family-friendly summer activities in méribel

Sportkids Méribel offers a plethora of engaging activities for children and teenagers. Programs include mountain biking, kayaking, via ferrata, canyoning, climbing, archery, paintball, laser games, grass-scooters, and rafting. These diverse activities cater to different age groups, ensuring that kids (8-10 years), juniors (11-13 years), and teens (14-16 years) have a memorable and active summer.

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For those looking to challenge their agility and balance, the Méribel Aventure adventure park is a must-visit. It features around 80 forest-based obstacles and zip lines across five different courses. This park provides a thrilling experience for families, promoting teamwork and physical fitness.

Families can also enjoy a family-friendly Via Ferrata route suitable for children aged 9 and above. The route includes ladders and a 57-meter-long Nepalese bridge, offering an exhilarating yet safe climbing experience. Additionally, pony trekking allows families to explore the beauty of Meribel in summer with family and friends while traversing the scenic trails and landscapes of the 3 Valleys.

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Outdoor adventures and scenic views

Hiking in Méribel offers breathtaking viewpoints and idyllic picnic spots. Trails cater to all levels, from gentle walks to challenging hikes, ensuring everyone can enjoy the spectacular alpine pastures and mirror-like lakes. These trails provide opportunities for wildlife watching, where you might encounter marmots and ibex.

The Méribel Bike Park is a haven for mountain biking enthusiasts. It features six electric mountain bike trails, totaling 58 km. Families can join guided tours led by professional instructors, making it accessible and enjoyable for all. The park's electric mountain bike trails include three new easier routes, perfect for beginners.

Exploring the enchanting landscapes of Méribel is a sensory delight. The region's mythical peaks and preserved alpine pastures rekindle a child-like wonder. Whether you're hiking or biking, the stunning scenic views and fresh mountain air provide a perfect escape from urban life.

Accommodation and local experiences

Méribel boasts a wide range of accommodation options, from charming chalets and cosy apartments to luxurious high-end residences. For those seeking a unique stay, the renovated 17th-century barn at Le Bûcher offers a blend of history and comfort.

Immerse yourself in local culture by attending the Fête à Fanfoué, a vibrant festival celebrating traditional costumes, lifestyle, and gastronomy. The event showcases the region's rich heritage through music, dance, and culinary delights.

Explore Méribel’s history and culture with village circuits and themed fortnights. These experiences provide insight into the traditional Savoie lifestyle, including the Route des Tommes and Route des Glaces.

For a taste of local cuisine, visit the village restaurants offering authentic dishes that highlight the flavours of the Alps. These cultural and culinary experiences ensure a memorable stay in Méribel.